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The Importance of Intuition for Healing

Most spiritually healthy people are able to figure out for themselves what needs to be done for their psychological, emotional, and physical health.  It is within that the intuition has a voice. One can listen and allow it to lead, reveal it, or hide it away in lieu of listening to other’s beliefs and philosophies. The option of allowing the inner voice to lead can set one as ease, as it is a natural spiritual feeling. One must learn how to differentiate between the voice of the spirit and the voice of the world. Every individual is a special and unique gift to this world; but healing must be settled before giving its gift to those around. Counseling can be a time of great adventure and healing with a professional who has been trained in how to lead one to united health of mind and spirit.  

Counseling is a field to help others heal from hurts, traumas, mental and emotional problems, etc. It is a safe place and time to work through life’s hardest challenges – ones we, as a human race, have only recently begun to acknowledge, assess, and treat. A true and ethical counselor will be able to reach inside (given non-verbal permission from the client) to help bring out the spiritual qualities and standards of a person and use those beliefs for therapeutic healing. This is to say beyond religion, laws of the land, etc., one always has a foundation for how to heal. Most people nowadays, unless they routinely practice spirituality, are not aware of these inner keys they possess to the lock on their problem.

Counselors who assist in true healing work do not impose their own values and beliefs on their clients, but rather highlight and utilize the client’s foundation and worldview to indicate designs and maps for their healing journey. Counseling must relate one’s worldview and experience in order to design a plan for healthy living and healing processes. Furthermore, this provides the lessons necessary to access these keys again for future healing processes. If training is provided – in therapy or otherwise – the client is then aware of and equipped with the keys for future healing experiences. This might be why some oppose counseling – because they are better equipped for challenges because they have already discovered and are aware of healing in their own ways.

 In most cases, however, there are similar and core foundational premises to healing, such as the environment one is in. The following selection was written by one who healed when she found a safe place to be free to develop and allow her inner voice of intuition to assist in her healing journey.

I attended weekly counseling sessions for almost a year. Therapy didn’t help my anger issue because I didn't know where to go and wasn't sure how I felt or what I believed about my problem. During my traumatic experience, I was not able to find my individual beliefs and I was confused as to how I was supposed to feel about and react to things. All in all, my emotions needed to be expressed, my voice needed to be heard; I needed to be out of the environment I was in so I could successfully become my own person and know and practice how I wanted to heal. When I was in a safe environment to develop who I am as a person, I found healing in its own natural sense. Counseling from time to time helped validate this process further.

Some aspects of healing, such as experiencing a safe place or new environment, aids in healing on a large scale. This is a universal healing truth. Individual healing truths are found within. This person needed to solidify her own beliefs on how and when to express her emotions, among other questions. No other person could give her an outline of morals and expect her to truly heal from the inside. This is why healing is so prominent within religious circles: there lies a foundational belief system that supports the design for healing.

Counseling remains a safe place for educated and properly trained advocates to assist in healing the mind and spirit. A therapeutic relationship, confidentiality, and scholarly knowledge altogether can help one heal in one situation; awareness of spiritual values and beliefs, along with properly identifying intuitive guidance will help one build the strength of character needed for many situations.

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