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Becoming One

            Marriage, and its relationship thereof, establishes unity. “Becoming one” is an art of not only physical sex, but of mental and spiritual realities as well. Such a union of intimacy pierces and affects all dimensions of the self. In this essay, an attempt is made to break down the art of unity into its various dimensions which it influences. It is important to consider for both monogamous and polyamorous couples and regardless of sexual orientation. The art of two (or more) becoming one can be applied to any culture that recognizes intimacy or sexual relations for reasons outlined in this essay. (So that covers the whole world, right?) No matter the person’s intentions or wishes, intimate lovers or anybody who has sexual relations will either consciously or unconsciously experience this connection.

            In the physical dimension, cells of the body collide, exchanging all kinds of bodily fluids with each other, and much more. One cannot deny the physical resemblance of two becoming one, especially among heterosexual couples. Though it does not morph into one body – that would take decades of avoiding disconnection – it does perhaps recognize more of a communal sharing, touching, and togetherness. The heart beats in sync when in love. Two lovers also breathe in and out together. (See UC Davis study.) It is as if individuals come together to make one whole. Gestalt much?

             When fire ignites, it starts as a quick movement of friction between two objects of either solid or gas. Fire often signifies passion metaphorically. Fire is basically light and light is a result of energy being emitted. So we can deduce that passion signifies a present and prominent energy. This energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be altered or manipulated. When a malleable substance of energy comes into the range of another malleable substance of energy, both are subject to be influenced by the other and therefore become like each other. Passion, being a lightweight substance of energy, can easily be manipulated. For example, using another physics demonstration, objects with mass have a direct and oppositely equal effect on each other (i.e. gravity); or take the example of chemistry: take any element of the periodic table and manipulate its proportion of electrons, protons, or neutrons, and it becomes a new element. One entity has effect on another entity and so forth. Each individual affects each other to a relevant extent, given range and an infinite parabola. How much more can growing together in intimacy have an effect on sharing energetic space? Furthermore, it is easier to mix gas and liquid than it is to mix solid.

             Now that it is scientifically proven that one affects another, whether conscious or not, let it be reasoned further that whatever is in the seen dimension is only a representation of that which is/was in the unseen dimensions. For example, [voluntary] actions are physical responses to thoughts. The eastern chakra system (a teaching used for spiritual enhancement) is aligned along the spinal cord for a reason, and each corresponds to an important organ of the body. Chakras show how the nature of the body is built in accordance with the nature of the spirit. Furthermore, how many times did Jesus say “the kingdom of heaven is like…” and continued demonstrating the spiritual with a common everyday practice of life or familiar material object? As is the spiritual, so is the physical. Nonetheless, it is the same reality manifested differently.  (I personally believe that the physical follows the spiritual.)

            Growing in intimacy is a spiritual walk of life that is shared together. Intimacy, between two who have bonded physically and spiritually, is a love communication without words, because words are physical representations of ideas. Ideas perpetuate only so much before being spoken or written. Instead, with intimacy, lovers who are becoming one, commonly sense what the other is feeling or thinking, and therefore (theoretically), such a deep intimacy – hence, unity – needs no words for communication because they have become one in mind and spirit. Of course, this deepest and most intimate union is best after longer periods of living life together.

            Spirituality is about being - being as whom one is. Being can change due to self or another via mental constructs. As closely as a couple relates and lives, their union also becomes a union which they are both intrinsically fashioned to and with, developing that union to become part of their being. Emotions and mental strengths and attitudes are mutual; they are shared and experienced together, as one. In all ways and given time, two (or more) intimate people can become and are one entity.

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