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Stepping Into Who You Are: Things To Take With You Into 2020

Get ready.

The real you lies dormant. You may not even know. “Wake up,” they say, “wake up!”
Hidden within a stagnant body, a fire rises to shine. The flame burns brighter when kindled; rest assured, it is natural happening this way.
Come into this new year with bravery, acceptance, and strength. You are stepping into who you are. You were born for such a time as this. 
You are ready. (And if you’re not, well, Happy New Year!)

Get set. 

As you step into your full potential, you gather close to those you hold dear. You no longer serve the illusion. You are ready for your past fortress to expire. What you need to face is yourself waiting for you

  1. Shadow - Yes, this is you. Denial is the first step of grief. Shadow is just something we don’t get to focus on and love, but it is the space of your material minus the light. You are both. 
  2. Inner Child - You never meant to leave this kid behind, but they have the kindest and most moving love you will ever find. This inner child is you! It is the purest intention of your soul matter.
  3. Awareness of Karma - What is due to come back will come. Acceptance is key. Holding your ground, shadow and inner child you are, face it. Let it be. The effects of karma will change you. That’s right - karma can be the catalyst to change who you are. Let it be. You are not karma. All of you is now a manifestation from the effects and laws of karma. Let it be.


Here comes the battle scene. Putting on your armor is like putting on your whole self. This time, you must hold your ground, unmoved by any of the forces that may test you to cast your shadow or neglect your inner child. Hold them all as one, as you.
Get out your inner voice and ROAR! 

And let it be.


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