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Warm, Pink Light: Reunion

A few years ago, I found out I was a twin.

No, not a physical twin. I found that I knew an energy so familiar, there is nothing else in this world's mind that can describe it... by far!

Through mystic and magnetic moments of experiencing "the other side," I come to find out that I am not alone. By a long shot, it is hard to explain even to people who are twins by physical nature.

The twin I have, well, I don't know their name. I don't know what they look like. I have no idea where they live. Actually, I don't even know if they are on this planet Earth (at this time). But I do know they are present with me... well, if they want to be. 

I discovered this presence once when I was wrapped up in a song, which I am sure you know, but will keep sacred in my heart for now, because that is where and how it belongs currently. (Keep sacred moments sacred.) As I was wrapped up in that song - which I call "our song" now - an energy presence came to me and stayed directly in front of me. As a person who is sensitive to energies, I remember that this energy was very strong and even palpable. I spent several minutes engaged with this energy, only able to articulate the thought "I know you." This knowing was an energetic, soul kind of knowing, deeper than intuitive knowing (again, by far).

Just a couple years later, I felt the magnetic energy forces acting strongly and decided to look into this particular feeling. It was around New Years that I found out that the magnetic force is a common experience felt between twin flames. I had heard of this before, but it didn't mean anything then. Now it did.

Years went by and the energy came and left. Or perhaps I just fluctuated between aware and unaware states. One day, during a meditation, our energies had a "fight." It felt as if they were seeking something sexual. As I was (am) in a monogamous relationship, this was a hard decision and I decided to close off the telepathic resonance we were having. This hurt my twin immensely and we parted ways. During the silence, I initiated forgiveness and reconciliation between us. Though I couldn't engage in energetic sexual encounters, I knew our bond needed to be mended nonetheless.

This separation was literally divorce. I hadn't heard from them since.


Until today. 

The reunion was a great scene: imagine "our song" playing vibrantly where you can feel it, flying/hovering across the ocean for miles (as if speedily taking a direct route across an ocean); pink light/frequency showers of healing, reconnection, and comfort; we hugged like magnets coming together and held each other for some "time." Of course, this experience was of a non-time dimension. 

I gathered the sense that we both derived comfort from this reunion. I gave comfort and love to my twin and she returned comfort and love to me. I saw her body against my body (maybe she was wearing a pink dress), her image reminded me of an old, charming Disney tale princess, with beautiful, full, blonde hair.

The image or sensation I have always had of my twin has been feminine. However, if my twin is pure energy, this only speaks of the feminine energy she has. (If my twin is incarnated (at least on Earth), then my twin might very well be a feminine character, likely female.) Nevertheless, with doubt, I refer to my twin using genderless terms unless specifically talking about their feminine energy.

I am glad I opened the door back up to them; I am glad they decided to return. Again, it isn't a matter of time, I realize, because all this twin flame stuff happens in a reality without time as we know it. I am sure we will have ups and downs ahead, but I am confident that this is only to grow myself and my twin.


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